Thorens TD-125 MKII


Good condition, works perfect, cover not included

The TD125 MKII has taken a giant step in banishing rumble, with solid state circuitry replacing the conventional mechanical methods used for electronic speed control.

This reduces the number of moving parts and total mass so frequently a rumble producing factor.

Motor rotor velocity, another rumble originator, is precisely governed by a dependable Wein Bridge transistorized oscillator.

It's frequency is varied exactly (by a gold plated switch) to change the speed of the motor and these adjustments may be viewed instantly on the built-in stroboscope.

Motor rotor speed on the TD-125 MKII has been reduced to an incomparable 250rpm at 33 1/3rpm turntable speed.

By combining this factor with solid-state circuitry and the Wein Bridge oscillator, Thorens has reduced rumble to an infinitesimal and inaudible -48db (-68db weighted); less rumble than any other turntable on the market!

The tonearm and turntable platter of the TD-125 are mounted on an independent chassis.

This unit is then shock mounted to another chassis which houses the drive system and controls.

As a consequence the tonearm is protected against shocks when the controls are operated and acoustic feedback is minimised because of the absence of vibrations.

Vibrations are further decreased by the precision polished, self-lubricating bearings of the turntable platter.


Drive method: Belt driven

Speeds: 16, 33, 45 rpm

Motor: 16-pole synchronous motor

Platter: 7 ibs, 12" diameter, anti-magnetic die-cast

Rumble: -68dB