SME series IIIs used

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SME 3009 series IIIs in excelent condition, with original weight and SME cable

The state of the art in independent tonearms, the SME series 3s precision pickup arm is the culmination of research and development extending over more than seven years.

It embodies a number of significant breakthroughs as well as evolutionary improvements over its distinguished predecessor.

For example: Nitrogen hardened titanium tubing having a wall thickness only twice the diameter of the average human hair provides a previously unattainable strength to weight ratio.

The arm has a soft core and an internal fibrous lining which results in a natural damping of the vibration fed into the arm by the cartridge.

'S' models where a cut-down version without the expensive rack and pinion adjustment and with the fluid damping as an optional extra.


Mounting distance: 215.4mm

Effective length: 229mm (original)

Overhang: 16mm (original)

Null points: 60/117mm (original)