Nikon BC-5 with F adaptor flash used

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Nikon BC-5 flash with F adaptor

Made in a classic design, the Nikon BC-5 is designed to work with older models of film cameras. This manual camera flash features a sizable folding reflector that can be tilted both up and backwards to create bounce lighting; up to 135 degrees back, allowing for bounce lighting off the ceiling. An old-fashioned design, this Nikon camera flash uses small M, M2 or FP class flash bulbs. The Nikon BC-5 flash includes a test button to ensure the bulb is working properly, while a push-button bulb ejector on the back allows for quick removal. A detailed exposure calculator on the back of this manual camera flash helps photographers calculate exposure accurately. This Nikon camera flash is made with easy-releasing clips to make adding it to and removing it from a camera a quick task. The Nikon BC-5 is powered by an Eveready 505 22.5 volt battery. This flash is compatible with Nikon S2, S3, S4 and SP and can also be used with Nikon F series cameras.