Dual 1219 used


Despite its versatility and precision, the Dual 1219 is quite easy to operate in either single play or multiple play mode.

It is also quite difficult to damage.

If you happen to switch to start when the tonearm is locked on the resting post, just wait till the switch returns to neutral, unlock the tonearm and start again.

If the speed is set at 45rpm when you have a 33rpm record on the platter, just change the speed accordingly, even if the tonearm is already cycling.

You can also do the same with the record size indicator.


Power supply voltage: 110/117V or 220V switchable

Drive: Synchronous continuous-pole motor with radial-elastic suspension

Platter: non-magnetic, dynamically balanced, 3.1kg

Speeds: 33, 45 and 78rpm

Pitch control variation: 6%

Rumble: -60db (weighted)

Tonearm: extra long, torsionally rigid metal arm, 4-point gimbal suspension, skeletal head design

Cartridge holder: removable, accepts all 1/2" cartridges from 1 to 12g

Weight: 6.8kg