Brionvega RR327 BLACK new

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Radio Grattacielo RR327 designed by Marco Zanuso for Brionvega is also a wake-up alarm and MP3 player, with plastic structure in many colors and LCD screen.

The plastic case and LCD screen make it an even more charming product that, using the fewest number of buttons possible, takes the concept of the first American radios and updates it with the use of modern technology, with the ability to play MP3 files with a USB port and an SD Card reader.


One of the greatest expressions of Brionvega design: Radio Grattacielo is designed to be enjoyed vertically or horizontally to suit your style. Unchanged in exterior design from its 1960’s original but contemporized in its technology, the RR327 model comes with new features and becomes the core of a modular sound system into which you can connect your PC and other compatible devices thanks to its dedicated USB input. SD card slot.


Technical Data:

– 1 auxiliary audio input (3.5″ jack)

– RDS function

– 8 radio station presets

– Auto Digital Setup 

– 1 stereo headphone output (3.5″ jack)

– 1 auxiliary audio input (3.5″ jack)

– Secure Digital cards port

– USB port