Konika Hexar 35mm f2,0 used

Konika Hexar 35mm f2,0 used

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Konika Hexar AF 35mm f2,0 film 35mm

Autofocus camera with high-speed 35mm f/2 lens modeled after the 4th-generation Leica Summicron (actually, it’s a variant of the 35/1.8 Nikkor rangefinder lens design, but Summicron more accurately describes the look of the images); about the size of a Leica M6 with 35/2 lens. A heavy little beastie, all metal. Black phosphate finish on alloy body.

  • With its autofocus combined with Aperture or Programmed exposure modes, the Hexar AF offers considerably faster operation than any classic manual focus rangefinder, including the Leica M series.  Active infrared from 2 feet to infinity in 290 steps.   
  • Fixed sharp 7 element 6 group 35/2 Lens to f/22, 46mm filter.  This lens is reputed to be a near copy of the Leica non-aspheric 35/2 Summicron.  
  • AE Lock combined with AF lock by slightly depressing shutter release
  • Precise fast infrared active autofocus with mostly useless manual over-ride
  • Unbelievably quiet film advance in “Silent Mode” aka “Stealth” film advance
  • Programmed, Aperture priority, and match needle exposure 
  • Shutter Speeds indicated in LCD panel on top of camera 
  • Non-TTL Metering:  15 degree  (EV 0 – 16/ISO 100) or 4  degree (EV 3 – 18/ISO 100)spot silicon cell metering, notice the centerweighted meter is 3 stops more sensitive for low light, while the spot meter will respond to two stops higher light levels, metering cell is on front near traditional self timer location
  • Excellent bright viewfinder
  • Superb ergonomic shape, very easy to hold with the built in grip
  • All models have, or can be upgraded to, AF focusing for Infrared films — adjustable for Kodak or Konica IR films.   

8/10 = Very Good; Perfect Front; Minor Flaws Elsewhere
8/10 = Muy bueno, Frontal perfecto, pequeñas marcas

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