Tannoy 605 used

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Tannoy 605

Very good condition

Power Max.150 watts

Recommended For Amps.10 – 90 watts

Frequency Response.55 Hz – 30 kHz

Sensitivity 88db

A high quality minimalist cross-over integrates the 6.5″moulded cone-piston bass unit with a 25mm minimumdiffraction aluminium dome tweeter. The design benefitsÍrom a combined braced bass driver and advanced cabinetstructure. These design considerations linked with Tannoy’spedigree oÍ audiophile sound Írom all enclosure sizes ensurean uncompromised sound quality from the Tannoy 605

The BasdlUlid 0riYercThe bass units are constructed with precision built rigid tramesusing large magnets to ensure high sensitivity and lowÍrequeÍlcy control. These chassis are Íitted withan anti-difÍraction ring to ensure an output ,ír,runhindered by the drive unitchassis. State oÍ the art injectionmoulded cone-oistons are used with acareÍully chosen proÍile and Ílare, andinclude an inverted dust cap optimisedto produce the most neutral and naturalmid-range.The TweeterThe 25mm aluminium dome is mounted in aminimum ditfraction Íace plate which blendssmoothly into the Íront bafÍle. The dome isattached to a high temperature polyamideinsulated coil wound onto a Kapton Íormer. This iscooled and damped by the use oÍ a magnetic Íluid. A nitrilerubber surround was chosen Íor the suspension because oÍ itsgood self-damping non-variable temperature properties. VerycareÍul and subtle design has produced a tweeter capable oÍsmoothly reproducing up to 30kHz. The dome itselÍ isprotected by a metal grille which is easily removed Íormaximum performance, or retained in situations wheredamage to the dome might occur.The ïerminal PanelOne small area that clearly demonstrates just how muchthought has gone into every aspect oÍ the SIXES design isprobably the terminal panel. Specifically:- the two Bi-Wiringlinks are captive in the design – so cannot be lost. Theterminals have a slot on the top oÍ them, so that they can be.tightened onto cables with some Íorce, and have a brass insertin them to prevent any rísk oÍ a thread stripping. The terminalsare deep enough b accommodate the Íull length oÍ 4mm plugseven when the Bi-Wiring links are still in place. The Bi-Wiringlinks are halÍ round so that large diameter cables can beaccommodated with the links in place and screwed tightly onto a Ílat surface.Gross-Íhar lletwofis With tlusic In MindThe cross-over networks used in the SIXES are Hard-Wiredand made up from the Íinest quality electronic componentsincluding iron-dust core inductors and polypropylenecapacitors. These are careÍully positioned well away f rom thedrive units in order to minimise the magnetic and electricaleÍÍects which they can have upon each other and the dynamicsof the music. You will read elsewhere in this brochure thephrase ‘minimalist cross-over network’. This meanssimply that we have reduced any unnecessaryresistance and/or impedance in the way oÍthe musical signal to an absoluteminimum. However well designedelsewhere a loudspeaker may be, anoverly complex cross-over networkcould ensure that your music collectiongathers dust from lack oÍ use.lntemalBracingComprehensive intemal bracing is usedinside all the SIXES, bracing the crowns andbases, drivers and cabinet walls via lossycouplings into a comprehensive energycontrolling structure. This reduces significantly,cabinet derived colourati

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